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still 9 days – the power of whining

October 22, 2009

Well, well, well. Still only nine days to go until I run the New York Marathon. But a very interesting thing has happened.  I have written a couple of “self pitying” (thank you, Danny) blogs about being ignored and boo hoo nobody cares.  But do you know what? I ran home from work this evening again (10 miles) and I had a really good time. It was an enjoyable run. Now this is quite a revelation.  For three reasons. First is that a few weeks ago I could barely run 2 miles without giving up. The second is that I always thought I hated running in the evening and can “only run in the morning”.   Both of these, I think, show the importance of the mind in all this. I have changed my attitude about running. Having run 20 miles a couple of times, 10 miles seems relatively short. And having forced myself to run after work a few times because it was the only option, I have come to realise it is enjoyable. Yes, I am physically fitter than I was, but I think my mental attitude to running is fitter still.

And the third interesting point is that writing blogs really does seem to help me run further! My blogging and running success seem to be inextricably linked somehow.  So as promised in my last blog there will be extra blogging from now on. It is a bit like that old gag where there is a competition and the winner gets a ticket to the latest Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy movie. And second prize is two tickets to the latest Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy movie. So lucky you! You have come somewhere near last in a very big competition because I think I will need to blog a-plenty before running the marathon. And thank you for the literally two or three supportive comments about my blogging.

Another interesting thing is that my whining “self-pitying” blogs have had an impact on the fundraising! hoorah! but there is still plenty of room for more sponsors at my Just Giving page – so come on, join in!

Now as you must know by now I am not what could be described as  a “serious runner”. By that I mean I am not someone who is obsessed with winning or ever better race times, trampling over small people to get to the finish line first.  I am serious about my running and feel I  have put a lot of effort into my training for this marathon thing. But the other night I did something which I am a little ashamed of. I was running home from work when a cyclist came off his bike very near me. He hit a rock in the road and went head first over his handlbars and hit the road face first. Luckily there were no other moving vehicles around and although I think he will now have a spectacular black eye, I hope that he is generally OK. When he crashed he was slightly behind me, at the very periphery of my vision, so I heard him crash rather than saw him. However as I ran the 3 metres or so to get to him to make sure he was OK and help, I stopped my GPS watch thing. In other words, I didn’t want this poor man’s misfortune to mess with an accurate record of my run! Now I have done first aid courses (some time ago) and one thing I remember is that people are moaning and going, “owwww!”, then they are at least conscious and that is mostly good. And this man was moaning and saying “owww!”. But nevertheless, I am rather ashamed of myself. I think I crossed a line there. Me and a couple of other people stayed with him until the ambulance we had called arrived. But then when he was safely with the paramedics I was able to start running again where I had left off, time-wise.

But I think I can come back. It is that this marathon training is a bit all encompassing at the moment. So sorry Mr Cyclist. I hope you are all right. So tonight, when I was running, I stopped and had a very pleasant chat with my younger daughter, Delilah, and I left the timer running! Too late now, though. The damage is done.

This evening’s haiku:

A cyclist falls off
I stop my GPS but
I’m not proud of it.

There’ll no doubt be more tomorrow, you lucky people!