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Last year I trained to run the ING New York Marathon but had to pull out a month before due to a problem with my leg. However, I am trying again this year. The race is on 1 November 2009. This is a blog of my journey there as it were.

I was born on the very day that Martin Luther King did his “I have a dream” speech. Not just the anniversary, the actual day! So while Martin was inspring the marchers in Washington DC I was coming into the world in Ealing (“Queen of the suburbs”) west London. Which is close to Acton where I now work for the NCT the charity for which i will be running the marathon. Sponsor me.

I now live in Tufnell Park, North London. Which is handy for running on Hampstead Heath.

I have been running about 9 years, mainly for fitness and keeping my weight down. I have never done a marathon before. Last year, 2008, I stopped smoking but also put on a lot of weight and did less running.

In this blog I will share my experience of getting to and (fingers crossed) finishing a marathon.


6 Responses to “About Allan”

  1. Serena Says:

    Hi there, I’m a trainee ante natal teacher, also running the NYC marathon, also my 1st ever….so lets share aches & pains, highs & lows! I’m 46 & the furthest I’ve ever ran so far is 14 miles, tho I did do the Moonwalk in May so I’ve walked the 26 mile monster – it took 8.5 hours! Never again!

  2. Serena Says:

    Drop me a line – what training schedule are you using?

  3. runallanrun Says:

    Hello Serena

    How exciting – the first comments on my blog! Did you find out about it through e-gen?

    I got a schedule from runnersworld.com which is supposed to be “moderate” and starting from a 15-20 mile a week runner (which I probably wasn’t at the time). But have not stuck to it quite as strictly as perhaps I should.

    Would love to hear how you are doing! Have you started any schedule yet? Where abouts are you based?

    New post from me coming soon.

  4. Marita Says:

    Hi Allan,

    This is very impressive. Looking forward to tracking your progress.



  5. Alison Radevsky Says:

    I had far too much to do today to spend it reading your entire blog – but it was worth it. My 17-year old daughter came in to see what I was chortling about and swiftly joined in. Loved the haikus. I am on a training schedule to walk up to Everest Base Camp in November, but it doesn’t include poetry…..! Keep it up – the running progress and the poetry, that is – and good luck.

  6. nick cash Says:

    Hi Alan, sorry to hear about your near death experience but glad they sorted it out quickly. I didnt know about the blog, so I have been unaware of what was going on and I missed a few weeks football so I think people assumed I had heard. Does that mean the end of football as well (surely not)?

    all the best

    Nick Cash

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