9 Days to go – relentless indifference

Nine days to go to the New York Marathon.  And I am really quite nervous. I ran home from work (10 miles) two days ago and will do the same tonight. I will do a couple more short runs and a 14 or 15 mile run at the weekend.  Fundraising is still not going as well as I would hope so please sponsor me on justgiving here.  But I think (hope) I know what you are all doing here: you are making sure I run the marathon this year before sponsoring me. Well that’s fair enough I suppose after last year’s let down. I think the Just Giving page is live for at least a month after the race. So 2nd November there will be a big surge in sponsorship, I am sure!

Weight is still around 80kg I think. I have stopped measuring it to be honest because it seems so pointless.

Anyway, faced with an overwhelming indifference from everyone (apart from a couple of notable exceptions – particularly my long suffering wife, Helen, and daughter, Delilah) to my continued blogging, this week I had a think about whether I should continue blogging at all.

What I wonder is maybe I just haven’t been inspiring enough and reader indifference is the clearest (if most dispiriting) critical analysis one can expect. So not writing anything would seem the most obvious response.

However, I then thought about how I got to this point: nine days from running my first ever marathon – and in New York, yet! And it was by keeping at it, being a bit relentless.

I first applied for a place in 2005 and was rejected. I then applied in 2006 and 2007 and was rejected both times. That meant I had a guaranteed place in 2008. So I gave up smoking the better to run and train for the marathon. I trained and blogged for most of 2008. However my hopes of marathon glory were dashed by a blocked artery in my leg which required major surgery one month before the marathon race date. However, I was able to transfer my guaranteed entry to 2009. So this year, still not smoking, still training and still blogging I am now nine days away from running a long way to raise money for the NCT.

In other words I haven’t given up despite some obstacles.  So will general indifference stop me from blogging through to the end. I don’t think so! So I will try to blog more between now and the marathon. And of course after it as well! Ha ha. So stay tuned!

My reaction to
relentless indifference?
Relentless blogging


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6 Responses to “9 Days to go – relentless indifference”

  1. Andrew Says:


  2. runallanrun Says:

    Thanks, Andrew
    glad at least one person is reading.

  3. delilah Says:

    classic dad. ill miss the blogging when its gone.
    ill have to find alternative ways to procrastinate.

  4. danny Says:

    I hear self pity is good preparation for running a marathon. So is cold water swimming. Heath tomorrow am?

    • runallanrun Says:

      self-pity? poor little me? Can’t swim tomorrow because it is friday. (Or saturday either, i’m afraid. will have to wait until after marathon i think.)

  5. George Says:

    Great blog, I’m sure although you may not be appreciated in your time future generations will hold you up as an example of how blogging should be done. Keep it up!!!!

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