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I have decided to run the New York Marathon after all- oh lordy!

August 24, 2009

Oh Lordy indeed.  I just realised my last post was in March. So I assume you had given up on me ever writing again. Well much has happened in the world since last I posted, like the death of Mollie Sugden, but almost as important is the fact that I have made the decision to run the New York Marathon this year after all.  And there are only 10 weeks to go until 1 November (the date of the race) and I still weigh too much and I am behind on my training schedule.  Although I did run 10 miles yesterday and have run about 21 miles in all this week.

I am a bit behind because I spent another lovely holiday in Cornwall.  Now I know none of us wants a repeat of last year’s infamous “Cornwall/Mushroom” blog post.  But I will just share with you, this year’s amusing holiday snap. It seems that as we were staying what was once a farm dairy,  in true Marie Antoinette  fashion, I tried to pretend I was a farmer.


RunAllanRun as Farmer

RunAllanRun as Farmer

Only in a small way – I just tried the headgear and the “Get off my land” expression, but I think it is an interesting start.

Anyway. This doesn’t get a marathon run, does it? Or an NCT Early Days Helpline fundraised for?

So from now on, it is back to me regularly telling you riveting stories about running early in the morning and trying to find something to make you want to read more.  May be I will talk more about the (still) temporary signage on the  London Overground. (How long does signage have to stay the same before it becomes permanent?) Or maybe there will be more exciting adventures (and misadventures) with North London’s wonderful and exotic  woodland creatures. And of course there will be haikus.

 So join me on this year’s thrilling rollercoaster ride of  “quite interesting” writing about running, training, self-doubt and anything else that I think might make you laugh out loud (LOL (or LOLBACALI)). Speak to you again soon.

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