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Week three – Eye of the Tiger!

March 16, 2009

Days to New York Marathon – I don’t know because they haven’t said how many on their website, and anyway I don’t know if I am going to run it. Funds raised – no more so far, but then i haven’t asked anyone for any, especially since you gave me all that money last year and I didn’t run.

Distance run this week: about 7 pathetic miles; Weight this week: lets just call it high shall we. Enough that I need to lose at least 12 kilos. However, I had a medical for BioBank last week and I can reveal that I have 25.7% body fat, which is roughly equivalent to a Peanut M&M, apparently (but less than a Reese’s Cup).

Thanks for the kind comments on my last blog to:

  • Delilah, my daughter, for taking LOLBACALI into her lexicon and her world
  • Andrew, my dear friend, for posting a link to Caitlin Moran’s much funnier writing about running (thanks, Andrew)
  • and my friend Kathryn for suggesting that if I decide not to do New York this year I could do the Robin Hood Marathon in Nottingham because I could do a fast time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. He he he he. The idea of me doing a “fast” marathon! Thanks, Kathryn. LOL. (Or LOLBACALI.)

The idea for this week’s post is shamelessly stolen from my blogging heroes, The West End Whingers, from whom I have learned almost everything useful that I know about blogging – namely that comedy is much more important than facts.  So, a very long time ago the whingers did a piece based on the statistical data you get when you write a blog  which includes the very interesting list of words that people have typed into Google to find you.

So here are some of the funny, sad and frankly disturbing search engine terms that were typed in that led people to RunAllanRun:

  • most big mushroom  
  • kid walking up hill
  • postmodernism temporary permanent
  • how to afford stomach cramps while train
  • raising children and running bus
  • “how to play eye of the tiger” piano  
  • “tristram shandy black page”
  • haruki murakami smoking
  • i don’t like murakami
  • wooly foot numb nhs
  • haikus about new york being upbeat
  • iceland + rainwear  
  • mr men mp3

I read many of these phrases and simply think, “What?!”  and then I think how very disappointed they must have been when they came across this blog.

Anyway, what about the running, Allan? I hear you cry as one. (Probably because there is only one of you reading this.) Well, I continue to stagger around north London like a wounded water buffallo. (Rather like the way this blog lumbers its way to you once in a while.)  Last week I had a run so bad, so short, so slow and so interrupted by stopping and walking that I was embarrassed to be wearing running shoes. If anyone from Asics had seen me they might have paid me to wear someone else’s brand. But I am running – sort of. And I intend to reduce my fat content to a more acceptable snack food equivalent, that’s for sure, maybe a sesame snap. Because it is back to that never fail formula for losing weight for me: burn more calories than you consume!  Eat less; do more. It really does work!

However, this week’s haiku is a tribute to my google searchers:

iceland plus rainwear
raising children running bus
eye of the tiger

Speak to you soon.