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Week ZERO – it starts all over again!

February 16, 2009

Firstly. Apologies for the last blog.  By way of explanation (not excuse), I had just had a flu jab – so was probably a bit feverish or something. But China Cat Collection indeed! What was I thinking of? or WTF (which my three teenage children (actually Mathilda is now 20 so not a teenager any more) reliably inform me is young person shorthand for “What the flip!”). OMG (Oh My Gosh!) Hilarious! or LOL (laugh out loud). Or were you perhaps LOLBACALI (Laughing Out Loud But Actually Crying A Little Inside).

But TBH (To Be Honest), the problem is that there was no focus!  What is a running blog with out running! Without a run to train for. A goal to aim for! (BTW (By The Way) that’s nearly a haiku(TNAH) .) (ITTEN – I Think That’s Enough Now!.)

So what to do?

Well as chance would have it I recently had an outpatient appointment at the hospital at which we discussed my condition and the continuing lack of an obvious cause of the problem. So the upshot is that the doctor and I discussed the possibility of me training to run another marathon while they monitor me a couple of times during the training to make sure nothing weird is happening.  I imagine this is partly because I may be something of an “interesting” case. But hey, if that means I am monitored and so feel a bit more secure about training then I am up for it!

So after these winter months of inactivity and near hibernation where I have put back all the weight and more that I shed last year I now have something to aim for. A  goal. A focus. A marathon. New York? I don’t know but a marathon in the autumn is what I am planning.

And with the days getting longer I am looking forward to getting back out there and learning to run again. The few weeedy runs I have done this winter have been absolutely rubbish. I am an embarassing, shambling, wounded water buffalo of runner at the moment. But that will change. And, you, if you want, can follow my progress all over again!!!

So, once again you can share in my rubbish runs, my “hilarious”  musings on postmodernist signage on the London Overground, my trashing of other more famous writers who write about running and of course the poor quality weekly haikus:

days are lengthening
running is back in my life
my blog’s back in yours!

Ah, it’s good to be back. Speak to you soon.