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Weeks 4 and 5 – pain

June 27, 2008

This week:

Weight: 80kg (target: 73kg) down by 3kg in three weeks; Miles run so far this week: 11.02

Total funds raised: £64.10 (including Gift Aid!) Hurrah! Only £934.90 to go.

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Technology update: the good news is my GPS unit and my computer are talking to each other and i have some very exciting maps, graphs, statistics and so on to look at and enjoy. Bad news is that I have not yet found a way to copy it into this blog to share with you all – this is probably a good thing. And for both of you that like my haikus, it means you do get another one this week – see below. Also, I have got a picture of me running…

However, I am in pain. All this new exertion has left me with a very painful inner thigh. It could almost be called a “groin strain”, the footballer’s injury of choice in the 1970s and 1980s before the fractured metatarsal (I’ve had one of those too) became de rigeur thanks to David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.

So I went to visit the very excellent Chris at Bodylab who is a sports therapist and finds the problem by massaging the affected area until my pain becomes very very intense. Not since having a kidney stone have I experienced such intense pain. Kidney stone pain is, I am told, the closest a gentleman can get to experiencing the pain of childbirth. And before I get letters, as this is the NCT, I realise that, in this instance, “closest” means “absolutely nowhere near as painful”. Indeed if pain were like music for example, my kidney stone pain would be like “Ne Me Quitte Pas” by Jacques Brel – intense, meaningful, but small scale – whereas childbirth would be like a full Mozart Requiem of pain – pretty full on.

Chris then massages the pain away and gives me exercises and stretches to help recovery/avoid injury. Suffice to say that in the short term the cure was more painful than the original injury.

But I am now feeling like I am getting better and had a run (of 4.94 miles) this morning which was really enjoyable in parts. I thought briefly that this marathon lark will be easy as I got into a fairly nice running rhythm. Onward and upward, through pain to glory etc…

While running can be
painful it can also bring
one joy – like childbirth.


Week three – technology

June 13, 2008

This week:

Weight: (still, goshdarnit,) 83kg (target: 73kg); Miles run: 18.34

Total funds raised: £0.00 (shame on all three of you!)

Yes, that’s right, eighteen point three four miles exactly; because this week I have been running with my new toy which is my fantastic new running gps thing which Helen, my partner, bought me as an early birthday present to “help me train” for the New York Marathon which I am running to raise money for NCT. Thank you, Helen. It is a little marvel. Today, for example, i can tell you that at 5.45 am (yes, 5.45am! Which is when Farming Today is on Radio 4. That’s how seriously I’m taking this), I ran 4.35 miles in 43 minutes and 45.46 seconds (an average of 10.04 minute per mile, fyi), with an average heart rate of 157 bpm (is that good?).

I burned an estimated 554 kcal. This is roughly equivalent to a dish of 450g of squirrel meat (544 kcal). (By the way, today’s blog is brought to you by the numbers 4 and 5!) It is, however, equivalent to only 334g of muskrat or 253g of minced dove. So I can feast myself this weekend!

All this information (my training info that is, not calorific value of dove meat) from something the size of a chunky digital watch.

Sadly, however, all is not rosie in my wonderful garden of gps technology. I spent a rather frustrating hour at my computer last night failing to link my watch thing to the aforementioned computer. It did warn me that I needed to download the software from the website before putting in the UBS stick and I didn’t but that is because I thought I had but it was not the right software I downloaded but when I did download the right software, I think, it still didn’t work as far as I could see. So I cannot yet offer you interesting graphs of my weekly and total milage, calories burned and average pace against weekly improvement. So to compensate, because last week’s haiku was so popular, here is another one.

Quarter to six in
the morning is early if
you are not farming.

First two weeks of training

June 6, 2008

This week:

Weight: 83kg (target: 73kg); Miles run: 19

Have started new food and fitness regime. My key to weight loss has always been “Eat less; do more” which I suggested might be my bestselling diet book idea. My colleague, Tim, said it was more of a haiku than a book, really. So here is my weightloss haiku:

Eat less and do more
Is a way to lose some weight
That has worked for me.

Did my first “tempo run” at a ridiculously early hour on Hampstead Heath this week. One mile slow “warm up” three miles fast “tempo run” and one mile slow “cool down”. I was guessing at distances and so on but checked it with the very good mapmyrun website and I was pretty accurate. Despite this I am thinking of getting a gps thing to “help me train properly”.

The run was hellish by the way. But strangely exhilerating. So it seems despite being encouraged to be an atheist by an atheist father and continuing to be an atheist all my life, the Presbyterian roots of my Scottish ancestors continue to influence me. Which may be why i am doing this marathon in the first place. Aha.